The CREDO workshop’s second session took place in April 2007.
Twenty-four participants experienced a whole week of work and reflection spiced up with good times. The workshop was supervized by Laurent Neyssensas and Elyssa Sfar who both teach at l’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique.

The participants came from Krakow, Warsaw (Poland), Genk (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland), Zürich (Switzerland) and Nantes (France).

CREDO 2007

This year the workshop revolved around the theme “Life Scenarios for an Ideal City” which is related to a new cultural event held at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud and called “La Cité Idéale”.

The participants worked together in five-person teams during the whole week, which enabled them to come up with four proposals:
- “Moove’n Talk” : a reflection about the quality of sensations in the city. Enhancing the atmosphere in public transportation with a view to promoting human exchanges and communication,
- “I-deal Energy” : a vision focused on identity and pragmatic response. Energy recovery during our daily activities is made into a collective game that helps preserve the environment,
- A collectively built monument which offers a vision focused on the impact of symbols, celebrating and keeping track of highlights in people’s lives,
- “e-mo”, a vision focused on scenarios of use and on interaction through an item enabling users to voice and share messages and feelings thanks to digital graffiti floating around all over the public space.

Two participants acted as observers and analyzed the different types of processes implemented within the work groups. Their whole analysis is presented in a booklet available here (6,2 Mo).

The outcomes of the workshop and the contents of the booklet were exhibited on October 6, 2007 at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud as part of the event “La Cité Idéale”.

CREDO 2007 CREDO 2007 CREDO 2007

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